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White Face Covering | x3 Pack 

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Multipack contains 3 x white washable/reuseable face coverings.
Cover your nose and mouth, with a Washable White Face Covering. Comfortable to wear, they can be washed (cool wash only) and reused. Made with Viscose, Cotton and Linen, they are soft and comfortable, with breathable fabric.
Features a pocket insert within the cover to enclose a filtration material. (8 Melt-Blown inserts will be included with each covering). Easy to wear flexible elastic ear loops for a secure fit.
Please note the melt blown inserts provided with this product may become joined or stuck together in transit. If this happens gently separate the inserts. Do not cut them, as this will make them ineffective.
Key features of Washable White Face Covering

Covers your nose and mouth
Includes filtration material – 8 Melt-Blown inserts will be included with each cover
Comfortable to wear
Washable, meaning they can be re-used again and again (cool wash only)
Made with Viscose, Cotton and Linen
Can be worn with or without a filter
Comfortable ear loops for a secure fit
This face covering is not surgical grade or a medical device. Please see our range of 3 ply and KN95 Face Masks.
Before wearing, insert the filtration piece in-between the two outer layers.

When wearing, press the mask towards the chin and then tight the loop and lock behind the ears. Adjust the mask at the most comfortable position.

The mask is washable.

Storage: At moisture levels lower than 80% & with good ventilation
45% Viscose 40.1% Cotton 14.9% Linen

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